Thursday, December 20, 2012

My attempt at bokeh

 Portrait of Olivia cropped from image taken outside at night.

A foggy sunrise taken with auto setting and slightly "warmed" with software. Also bordered to keep the branches from escaping.

One of the many shots I took of the old rope tow on the Person's Ramblin' Vewe Farm woods property playing with light and depth of field. 

Tuesday, December 4, 2012

  December assignment.
                        Open - Portrait at HomeAway Rental, Oranienbaum, Germany
                          Patterns - Bed of pine needles, Hoyt Rd. Gilford
                                                           My pet parrot
Food action shot

Ashley's Assignment

Pets! (Or I suppose, in a sick way, food....)
A Couple of Turkeys
F-Stop: f/5
Exposure Time: 1/160 sec.
ISO Speed: ISO-125
Cropped and Thin Black Frame Added using Photobucket.

The Salt Lick, Texas
F-Stop: f/3
Exposure Time: 1/13 sec.
ISO Speed: ISO 400
Cropped, Straightened and Added Thin Black Frame using Photobucket

See Original Below:
Hamilton Pool, Texas
F-Stop: f/3
Exposure Time:  1/500 sec.
ISO Speed: ISO-125
Rotated and Applied a Thin Black Frame using Photobucket
Sunrise at Mustang Island, Corpus Christi, Texas
F-Stop: f/3
Exposure Time: 1/800 sec.
ISO Speed: ISO-80
Thank you! :-)

December homework
 by John Hall:
Food: 20lbs

"The Hawk" open:

When is he coming home?

Cold: Patterns

December 2012 Joan

Lobster on an "American Eagle Cruise"

Xena ,when a puppy, at Camp Island

Patterns at the Lakeport Quilt Show

Sunset over Lake Winnepesaukee taken from Camp Island

December assignment by Bonnie Carnivale

                                      Pets: We call them rodents but they think they are our pets.
   Food: A fruit still life
Patterns: Arbor

  Free choice: Foggy morning on Stone Road

December photos by Christine Roderick

                                           Pine Pattern

                                                                                   Lambs with parsley

                                                                                        Danish in Denmark

                                                                                     Meissen, Germany

Monday, December 3, 2012

Emery's Dec 2012 Post

"Food: Dog-Gone, End of an Era?"
Camera: iPhone; F/2.8; 1/54s; ISO-80; 4mm

"Pet: Bella and Squirrel"
F/5.6; 1/250s; ISO-100; 300mm

"Pattern - Fishercat Stadium"
F/5.6; 1/250s; ISO-100; 300mm

"Open: Pilgrim's Monument"
F/4.5; 1/100s; ISO-100; 110mm

Saturday, November 10, 2012


Bill, Bonnie and I enjoyed the meeting last night and look forward to attending again
Chris Roderick.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Carolyn November assignment



Monday, November 5, 2012

Joan's Nov 2012 Pictures

Portrait of Alice on her 98th birthday

Autumn foliage in New England

Jack relaxing on American Eagle Schooner Cruise

Hawk at Squam Lakes Science Center 
Bee on Mum:
Let me think about it..
Huricane Sandy: open

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Emery's Nov 2012 Post

Portrait: Keewakwa Abenaki Keenahbeh
F/11; ISO-100; 1/60s; 75mm
Topaz Adjust Grunge Effect

Foliage: The Old Ice House, Goffstown
F/22; ISO-100; 1/2s; 21mm

Open: Busiel Mill
F/29; ISO-100; 1/20s; 40mm

Open: Dalton Covered Bridge, Warner, NH
F/14; ISO-100; 1/25s; 24mm
Topaz Adjust Spicify Effect

Thursday, October 18, 2012

New assignment

Hey Clickers...Check out the Upcoming events page for your new assignment. See you in November!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Container Crane Test with Ship being worked in the background. Picture taken from adjacent Crane.
Elizabeth SeaPort NJ.
This is late as I was unable to make the meeting. John.