Monday, April 30, 2012

Joan's May Pictures

Sunset over Lake Winnepesaukee
Reflections on our pond
Unusual lighting on reflection shot

Colorful tulip

Emery's Post May 2012


Found this old artist's studio along a beach in Provincetown.
The sign(Inset) is reflected in the window.
4/29/12 6:35am Wide angle lens
F/11;  1/128s; ISO-100

Pink Phlox - Composition

4/21/12 6pm
Taken with 90mm Macro Lens
F/8; 1/12s; ISO-800
Layed down on the ground to compose this shot,
getting some Phlox out of focus in the back

Open Category - Scene of  The Fire

4/17/12 8:36pm Fire on High St. Laconia
F/4.6; 1/30s; ISO-1600; 50mm lens
Got this pic of other people taking pics of the fire.
 Used Photoshop to create the Polaroid effect around the fire engine.
Desaturated the scene, but kept the inset colored.

Open Category - Slides of Sanbornton

4/16/2012 11:45
Took these shots right up the street from my office on Rt 132 in Sanbornton.
Either used 50mm lens or wide angle
Various specs. 1/1000-1-2500 sec (bright day!)
Used Photoshop to create the Kodachrome Slide effect as a template
and inserted different pictures of the Library, Congregational Church and Town Hall.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bernice's Picts - Light

Evening snowy shot with flash

Early morning shot

Morning frost

                                                          Late afternoon light

Jordan's Monthly Post- Light Interpretations

Lights and Shadows
Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights
Christmas Lights

Monday, April 2, 2012

April Pictures

Amaryllis Blossoms
Ornaments on window sill
Floral scene at the Boston Flower Show
Floral interpretation of painting at the Art'n Bloom Exhibit

Emery's April 2012 Post - "Light"

Light Music
f/5.6; 1/15s; ISO-1600; 50mm;
 Light over right shoulder


Moss Pods
f/2.8; 1/40s; ISO-100; 90mm; 1/40s
3/31/12 4:48pm
Sun setting on new moss


Golden Bay
 f/8; 1/40s; ISO-100; 75mm;
3/18/12 5:54pm
Sunset over Paugus Bay

Another use for Christmas Lights
  f/16; 2.5s to 8 sec; ISO-200;  50mm
3/31/12 9:31pm

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dick Ackerman
4/1/12 April assignment, Light.


     New Spring Lamb

   Sheep family 


      Kats In A Window