Monday, February 28, 2011

Ashley's February Assignment

Posing For Me
F Stop: f/4.5
Exposure: 1/500 second
ISO : 80
 Belknap Mill Field Trip:
Reading the Meters
F Stop: f/3.5
Exposure: 1/25 seconds
ISO: 320
 Valentine's Day / Red:
F Stop: f/3
Exposure: 1 second
ISO: 200
 Open Category:
Yarn at the Mill
F Stop: f/3
Exposure: 1/5 second
ISO: 320

Thanks! :-)

March 1st posts susan smith

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For the March Meeting - Mike Gagnon

Here is the Red Photo: JG The Dog in Portsmouth

Here is the Belknap Mill Photo: Looking up the staircase in the Mill

Here is the Dripping Ice Photo: Again at the Belknap Mill

And here is the Open Photo: Olivia Learns that there is another snow storm on the way.

I just downloaded Aperture 3.1.1 and used it for color correction on all of these photos, I guess that that is cheating, but I have been trying to duplicate some of the effects that I have been seeing in photos of late (mostly online and in other photo blogs) and this is one way that I discovered to do that. I would be happy to share how I got some of these effects if anyone is interested.

Amanda's February Post

Icicle Drop
1/2500, f13, ISO 500

Belknap Mill (or Sled Dogs, because that's where I went)

1/1250, f8, ISO 400

Valentine's Day

1/125, f13, ISO 1000
Open Category

1/100, f3.2, ISO 1000


Donna Lee - Volcano

From Donna Lee:
"last night had minor tremor; as far as I can determine, it was registered in the Puerto Rico region last night about 9 pm, 4.0 on the Richter scale....not from the volcano nearby Orosi but it's clear today, so got a good shot of the Turrialbo volcano this morning...wish I had a better zoom!"

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Steve's Photos for March 1st


1/100 sec, f/11, ISO 450, 75 mm

The Belknap Mill

1/25 sec, f/5.00, ISO 1600, 34 mm
Valentine's (Red)

1.3 sec, f/8, ISO 360, 55mm
Tripod, 10 sec timer, flashlight
Open category

1/640 sec, f/11, ISO 200, 18 mm

Saturday, February 26, 2011

wearing my heart on my head-nikon 200mm sh

Beauty after the storm, kodak easy-share; showe

big wheels a turning s howe

pencil sharp s howe----nikon 200mm

Emery - March 1 2011 Assignment


Ice on Needles

Aperture: F/14; Exposure: 1/25s ; ISO-100; taken 2/6/11 10:25am

The Mill:

Busiel Building View from the Mill

Aperture: F/7.1 ; Exposure: 1/160s ; ISO-200; Taken 2/13 2:pm

Valentines Day:
Kiss Me Now

Aperture: F/10 ; Exposure: 1/6 s; ISO-400;
Taken with Macro Lens, tripod, and remote


Stargazer Lily and Irises

Aperture: F/7.1 ; Exposure: 1/50s ; ISO-200;
Taken 2/17 11:30 am with natural light thru the window

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Greetings from Donna Lee in Costa RIca

Donna Lee sent me these pictures yesterday from Orosi Costa Rica...The poor lady is suffering in 70 degree weather..Bet she misses our snow and ice. ;-)

Glad she brought her camera!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Gilford Clickers -Reminder!!

Hey Gilford Clickers!  Don't forget about our field trip/photo excursion to the fabulous Belknap Mill this Saturday, February 11 at 1:00 p.m.  Cost for a tour of the inside is $4.00  Thanks Emery for putting this together for us.

Hope you are all working on your assignment for the month.  It's a fun one!  Four different photo possibilities.  You can focus your four photos on just one theme or do one photo of each theme, or any combination in between.  The four categories are:

1.  Icicle water drip
2.  Something red or Valentine's themed
3.  Belknap Mill Photo
4.  Open Category

Hope you all are bringing your cameras everywhere!  I went to Ritz Camera today and got myself a photo print membership.  They are having a deal on prepaid photo cards right now.  I have never printed photos there, but they have cushioned stools and it's peaceful and quiet.  The staff is eager to help too!  Can't wait to print photos now!

Anyway, I know I'm not the big president of this awesome club, but I wanted to make an effort to post some information here in between meetings.  Let me know if there is anything you want more info about and I can find some articles to post in between meetings.  Just leave a comment on this post.  

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Susan and Dave Smith Feb Posts-SnowScapes

February 1 - Winter Wonderland

Meredith Docks 1/20/2011

Burnt Hills, NY 1/16/2011

Burnt Hills, NY 1/16/2011

Burnt Hills, NY 1/16/2011

Photo's for you consideration, 12/10 - 1/11

Santa with background gone
 Nikon D90, 50mm, ISO3200, f/1.8, 1/640, -3 EV

Amber, Olivia and JG the Dog play Telephone
 Nikon D90, 50mm, ISO 320, f/1.8, 1/40 -5 EV

COLD FISH, Portsmouth NH
Nikon D90, 105mm , ISO 3200, f/16, 1/1000 0 EV

 G on the Keyboard, (trying out new macro tube)
Nikon D90, 105mm Lens with three macro tube extensions,  2.7 EV (no f stop reading) 1/50

 Olivia 7 weeks and In the Snow
Nikon D90, 18mm, ISO 3200,  f/5.6, 1/60 -4 EV

OLIVIA and JG The Dog 8 weeks
Nikon D90, 42mm, ISO 3200, f/4.8, 1/200, 5EV