Sunday, January 26, 2014

Bernice's picts

Assignment - ice

Taken at Loon, at the Ice Castle display.  While setting up for this shot, a couple of people walked around the corner and as soon as they saw with the camera, they turned and left = thus what I like to call a ghostly appearance. :)
Camera: Panasonic - f/8, ISO-400, no flash   time 6pm  Ice imbedded with lights changing color.

Panasonic - f/8, 1/640sec, ISO-100, no flash, cropped, time noon.

Panansonic - f/8, 1/160 sec., ISO-100, no flash, cropped, time noon.

Ipad mini, f/2.4, 1/315sec., ISO-32, no flash, time 10am

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  1. Beautiful photos, Bernice! I'm hoping to get a chance to go to see the ice castle at Loon before it is done...I love the ice on the red berries against the white snowy background...I love the way the male and female ducks are facing opposite directions and swimming so close to the ice...The kitties are adorable too!